Real Estate Agents Removing FSBO Owner Signs

On Trulia recently a FSBO seller asked if this ethical and obviously desperate action by a ‘real estate professional’ is normal.  I would hope not, but would not be surprised if it happened with some regularity.

Is is common for licensed Real Estate Agents to remove signs for owners that are selling by owner? My neighbor watched an agent pull up my sign and lay it in her yard before he had a showing of another unit in my condo complex. Is there some dirty competition in SA that I was unaware of?

What that tells me is that the agent in question doesn’t trust that their buyers won’t see the competing sign and run into the loving arms of a FSBO seller behind their back.

Now I have to admit that I have had it happen to me before and it isn’t fun, in fact it is painful to have worked with buyers for weeks or months and then have them tell you they have bought a home from a FSBO sign.

That doesn’t give agents an excuse to pull down other people’s signs.  It is just childish in fact, but as my husband would say, “desperate real estate agents will do anything for a buck” and it seems that they are bound and determined to prove him right.  (Dammit)

Have you seen any agents acting like this?  I would love to hear your stories of Real estate shenanigans!