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As your Seattle Short Sale Negotiator I will help you eliminate your house payment, get your back payments waived and get you out from under thousands of dollars of debt that is tied to your current home!

A short sale is the start down a new road to financial freedom!

Imagine being rid of those crushing mortgage payments and not jumping when the phone rings because you know it is the bank calling!  Doing a short sale on your home will eliminate that mortgage payment, back real estate taxes and HOA dues.  What would your finances look like if we could get rid of those for you?

 Short sale homes are selling in the Seattle market!

As a full time real estate broker and Seattle short sale negotiator, I work with homeowners to effectively market homes to buyers and then negotiate the sale with the bank.  Buyers are looking for short sale properties in the Seattle area because they see them as a way to purchase a home at a discounted price.  Take advantage of this opportunity to free you from your debt!

A short sale can completely eliminate your mortgage debt forever!

My goal is always to negotiate with the bank to eliminate ALL of you mortgage related debt.  You can have all of that negative equity eliminated and your debt to the bank erased!

 Choose a professional Seattle short sale negotiator!

You have a lot of choices on what real estate broker to use when it comes to listing your home and preparing to do a short sale.  Choosing the wrong real estate agent/broker and short sale negotiator can be disastrous!  Short sales take knowledge and skill to do successfully and not all real estate brokers can handle this challenge!

3 Short Sale Disaster Warnings!

Here are the top three pitfalls that homeowners run into when trying to short sale their home. When you start down the road to being rid of you home, watch out for these three traps.

  1. Inexperienced real estate broker.  Brokers that don’t know what they are doing will KILL short sales! It takes special skills and patience to juggle buyers, sellers and the bank all at the same time. This isn’t the place to hire amateurs!
  2. Inexperienced short sale negotiator. Banks are not easy to work with and if your negotiator doesn’t know what they are doing they will have a very low success rate in processing short sales.
  3. Negotiating with the bank yourself. – Lenders lie, lose documents and are debt collectors. Don’t talk to them!  Let me take care of that for you!

I am the Seattle short sale negotiator to call!

As a full time real estate broker and Seattle short sale negotiator, when you need help, I am the broker to call!  For the last eleven years I have been a full time real estate broker in the Seattle area and have been helping my clients with short sales before anyone had even really heard of them.

When you start working with me as your real estate broker and short sale negotiator, I will:

  • Discuss your specific situation and how I can help you.
  • Establish a marketing plan for your home.
  • Work with the buyers and their agent to keep them ‘in the game’.
  • Negotiate with the bank to successfully close the sale.

The Seattle short sale negotiator other real estate brokers call!

If you are still wondering if I am the right real estate broker and short sale negotiator to call, let me just say that other agents call me to negotiate their short sales for them.  Not every agent has the skill or drive to beat banks into submission.  I love beating the bank and making short sales go through for my clients.

Call 425-773-3149 to set up a free, no-obligation consultation!

If you are thinking it is time to short sale your home, call me right now and lets set up a time to meet and discuss your particular situation and what we can do as a team to solve your problems!