Sell your home in 7 days (or less) – I can do it if you really want me to.

sell your seattle home in 7 days
Ads to sell your home in 7 days are all over the internet, but are they for real or are they a scam?

Sell Your Home in 7 Days!

As I was driving around Lynnwood the other day, I see that there is a new batch of ‘sell your home in 7 days’ and ‘we buy houses now’ bandit signs popping up along the road sides and on telephone poles.  It has been a practice in the industry as well to offer ‘guarantees’ that agents can sell clients homes in 30, 15 or even 7 days.  While I would love to sit here and tell you that those agents are full of it, the truth is that they can sell your home in 7 days!

I can sell your home in 7 days too, but only if you really want to!  There is no magical secret to what they do.  Any home will sell in a snap if the price is right.  In fact if you call me with a home that you are willing to sell for 50% of it’s market value at 9am, I can probably have an offer for you by the afternoon!  7 days just gives me time to make some phone calls and do things in a more relaxed manner!

Who is buying homes this fast?  Investors of course.  It is true that if you put your home on the market, even now in our chaotic real estate market, that you may get an offer on the first day from a regular buyer.  It isn’t likely though!!!  Buyers now know that homes are sitting, and are taking more time to shop for the best deals.  The people buying homes in 7 days are investors willing to take on the risk of buying your home even if it needs repairs, there is more owed on it than it is worth, there are liens on it and so on.

If you have a Seattle area home that you REALLY want to sell your home in 7 days, then call me.  I have a group of investors that I trust to do a good job and be honest with you, that will buy your home.  That being said, don’t expect that their, or any other ‘7 day home buyers’ are going to offer even close to full price for your home.

Is it a bad idea to sell your home in 7 days?

Does this mean that I think that selling your home to investors is a bad idea?  The answer to this depends on your situation.

For some people, particularly those about to be foreclosed upon, it is the best option.  Selling your home quickly to investors can prevent bankruptcy or a house repossession on your credit report.  This will leave you in a much better position to purchase another home down the road.  Of course you should always talk to an attorney about what is right for your situation and if short selling your home is the best course for you to take.

If you are going to sell your home in 7 days, be careful!

Please, if you are in a situation that requires you to sell your home quick, call someone you trust not a sign alongside the road!  While some of the people putting out those signs are legitimate buyers, some are also con-artists.

In my years of being in the business I have run across a variety of scams that can be played and the last thing you want is to make your situation worse!  Talk to a real estate agent you can trust, or if you are in the Seattle area you can call me at 425-773.-3149 for advice and help.

The question in the end is do you really need to sell in 7 days?

If you aren’t in a situation where time is critical,  I would suggest doing a regular listing and try and get as much for your home as possible.  If you are in a situation however, where the bank is ready to take back your home and the payments are killing you, then yes, I would suggest that you look at taking an offer from an investor.

Either way, please call me at 425-773-3149  or email me at if it is time to get your home sold, or have any questions about marketing a property.


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