New parks and renovations galore in Snohomish county.

Lately it seems that there is a boom in public park development in Snohomish county.  A while back I wrote about the construction going on over at the Martha Lake Airport Park, and more developments and changes are on the way.

Now they have announced two new Lynnwood area park projects.  The Stadler Ridge Park on 33rd Place W. and the Doc Hageman Park on 178th Street SE are going to come together after getting a state grant.

Monroe should be opening up the Sky River Park in July.  An all season baseball park, the new field will have all-weather turf, a backstop, bleachers, a concession stand and restrooms.  Money for this project came from the city and the local Rotary club.

Some parks are getting transferred from the State to the county in a bid to keep them open.  In Snohomish county, Wenberg State park on Lake Goodwin is now going to be a county park.  While the comments I am seeing are negative about the $5 per car parking fee and no alcohol rules that will go into effect, it seems a better choice than closing it, which as I understand it, was the plan before the transfer idea came around.

Something that I would like to see more of is underwater parks in Puget Sound, such as the new Saltwater State Park near Des Moines.  This consists of a series of 8’ high rock mound on the bottom of Puget Sound to create an artificial reef.  Scuba diving is popular in our area, and it is a good group of people to cater to. 

Mukilteo recently found out how many people support scuba diving when they shut down diving at Lighthouse Park.  After a short period the city council rethought their decision and decided instead to embrace diving and the dollars it generates for the area.  In fact, the city is even considering adding an underwater park somewhere in the area. 

In any case, the abundance of big, green parks is something I really love about the Seattle area.  I have lived in Spokane, which is dry, dusty and does not embrace the value of public parks like we do over here.  Public parks are good for our neighborhoods, give our kids places to play, and generally improve the quality of life in our towns.  Glad to see them expanding and improving our public parks!