Dave & Busters, Dick’s and Cheesecake Factory To Replace Sears at Alderwood Mall

The clearance sale and closing of its venerated doors has left many to wonder what is going to replace Sears at Alderwood Mall.

The word on the street is that Dave & Busters as well as a Dick’s Sporting Goods  and now a Cheesecake Factory are slated to take over the east end of Alderwood Mall.  Dave & Busters seems like and excellent addition to the mix and after seeing their commercials for years on the TV, it will be nice to have one locally.

If you aren’t familiar with them, Dave & Busters is a sports bar and arcade, similar to GameWorks located downtown (hopefully with better service and food.)

Dave and Busters Alderwood Mall
Dave & Busters slated to replace Sears at Alderwood Mall.

Dave & Busters was originally planning on taking a premier spot in the Lynnwood Place development at the former Lynnwood High School site across 184th Street SW.  That project was abandoned when Cypress Equities walked away from that project a year ago.  After building the Costco two years ago, they had planned on a second phase of development that would have included hundreds of apartments, retail and restaurants.

“Dave &Busters is a definite because they’ve been calling us non-stop,” said Todd Hall, Lynnwood’s planning manager.

Alderwood Mall is expected to file for demolition permits with the city promptly so that construction of a 40,000-square-foot building to house Dave &Busters and a 70,000-square-foot, two-story building for what is presumed to be Dick’s Sporting Goods, though they have yet to confirm that they are occupying that space.  Hall also states that mall has planned other renovations.  These include adding building pads for a small number of new businesses that would be located in what is now the parking lot.  How that will affect the already crowded parking situation at Alderwood Mall remains to be seen.

The concept will be to make the east end of the mall into more of an outdoor village similar to the area on the north end.

Meanwhile, across the street at Lynnwood Place things remain stalled.  Edmonds School District spokeswoman Debbie Joyce Jakala has said that the school district is in negotiations with a second developer to finish the Lynnwood Place project.  We can only wait and see if that bears fruit