Secret Garden Korean BBQ – Hwy 99 In Edmonds

Years ago I wrote about the Secret Garden Korean BBQ on Hwy 99.  I’ve been going there with friends and family for about 20 years.  Then one day tragedy struck.  We were on our way to dinner and my husband was meeting us there. He called and said “you are going to be very sad, the BBQ is closed”.

Without warning our favorite Korean BBQ was gone. The woman that was always there had known us longer than we have had our daughter, and used to carry her around when she was a baby as we ate. It almost like we lost a family member.

Here is my original post about the Secret Garden Korean BBQ from way back in 2008.

Last night my family and I went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, the Secret Garden Korean Barbecue on Highway 99 in Lynnwood.  This is by no means an upscale joint, but it is some of the yummiest food we treat ourselves to.  The service is slow, almost no one speaks English, there is apparently no heating or air conditioning and because everyone is cooking at the tables, things can be a bit greasy.  That being said, it is still our favorite dining experience!

If you have never sat down and cooked meal at your table before, then you are in for a treat!  As I point out in my review of the Secret Garden  on Yelp, you need to be patient, relax and just leave your impatience at the door.   Go over and read mine and other reviews about the Secret Garden in Lynnwood and may be we will run into you there one afternoon!

Now we are on the hunt for a new favorite Korean BBQ in the Lynnwood area. We’ve tried a few and while they are good, they will never replace the familiar feel of the Secret Garden.  I’m sure there are restaurants with better service, quality and so on, but it is hard to overcome the nostalgia. Going to Secret Garden was like putting on that t-shirt that is so beat up it is barely holding together, but it is so comfortable that you just can’t part with it.

If you have a favorite Korean BBQ in the Lynnwood area, let me know about it.  We are still on the hunt for a new favorite. One last regret is that I never got her recipe for her spicy bean paste, I’ll miss that most.